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  • Can I use styling tools with Majestic Hair Extensions?
    Yes, as with your own hair, always be mindful of the temperature and how long you are exposing your hair to the heat of the hot tools used. You may treat your Majestic Hair Extensions as you would your own hair. Majestic Hair Extensions are made of 100% human remy hair, which means it is of the best quality. The better you care for your hair, the longer they will last and keep their luscious shine. Always use a professional grade iron and blow dryer for the best results as well as heat protectant when styling. I recommend: Kevin Murphy Heated Defense Foam (applied on damp hair and combed through) or Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray (applied on damp hair and combed through) Blowdry with minimal tension to your Majestic Hair Extensions using a brush Then curl or flat iron to style using T3 iron at level 2 or 3, allowing each section to cool after release. Finish with an all over mist of Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex and brush through for desired style.
  • Washing Routine
    Wash your Majestic Hair Extensions at around the 15th wear or when you feel your extensions are difficult to brush/dryer than usual. Lifestyle and events may call for more frequent washing if your hair is exposed to elements such as smoke or heavily fragrant or fatigued activity such as sweating. Please note that the products used to wash your hair extensions as well as the care taken to wash your hair will be a direct impact of longevity, as with your own natural hair. Majestic Hair Extensions, like all clip in hair extensions, do not absorb natural oils like your natural hair does due to the treatment process they undergo during production. I recommend: --Place your Majestic Hair Extensions on the hanger provided (or a pants hanger) with the clip attachments just above the holder. --Rinse your Majestic Hair Extensions with warm water --Fill your sink with warm water -- Using a professional salon grade sulfate free shampoo, such as Pureology Hydrate Sheer or Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, gently wash all of the hair 1-2 times --Lightly condition -- Hang dry or blowdry as you would your own hair
  • Placement of Clip ins
    When wearing your Majestic Hair Extensions, placement is important with our Seamless Collection, just like a Traditional weft. *** always start with a straight, clean line on each section*** I recommend lightly teasing the root of your natural hair after a quick spray of either Kevin Murphy Doo Over Spray on that section at the roots or a tap of the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff at the root of that section. If you use another line, go for a dry shampoo, workable spray, or powder instead. This allows for some 'grit' so the teasing doesn't back out and is a trick I use every day to ensure an immaculate hold on my clients and brides when I apply their extensions. The silicone lined, damage free clips will offer an extra hold in itself even without the teasing or extra product at the root. The number coincides to the number of clips you will find on your Majestic hair clip in pieces. Simply section your hair and apply the appropriate weft to the sections based on this example. You may of course customize your placement to best suit your desired look. ** Please note that if you are ordering your extensions in 2023, we have altered the line to no longer have 1 clips. The 1's will now be 2's.
  • What makes Majestic Hair unique? Where are you sourced from?
    Majestic Hair Extensions is sourced right here in the United States. The facility I have partnered with uses only the highest quality of eastern european and slavic hair. Our Seamless Luxury clip in extensions are 100% Remy Human hair and slow color processed for a multidimensional blend, making the integrity and color quality top of the line. Why we are not only different, but exceptional: Some popular extension lines use "up to 70% remy human hair" meaning not only is there a chance of animal hair or synthetic fibers or plastic, but that the cuticle of the human hair is not intact or facing the same direction, which causes them to be dull, frizzy or damaged in appearance after a single use. This is why some brands are cheaper and hence good for single use or not able to be used with styling tools. Majestic Hair Extensions are thoroughly tested and ensured to be the best quality available on the market for personal use direct from a salon professional. Our manufacturer ensures our quality of hair Surpasses the big brand names for clip in extensions.
  • Clip in or salon extensions?
    Hair extensions in general have the ability to enhance your look from a subtle experience to a dramatic one based on the method and amount of hair you are wearing. The selection of your method depend on lifestyle desires. Salon extension methods; such as tape in's, sew ins, great lengths, and beaded methods will require a maintenance appointment with your extension specialist every few weeks which is determined by the method and your hair type. Majestic Hair Extensions clip ins, both seamless and traditional, allow you the maintenance of how ever often you desire. Some of our brides wanted to enhance their look just for the big day, other clients use their clip ins simply on occasion, for date nights and events. Many customers fall in love with how they look and feel and choose to wear their Majestic Hair clip ins daily or while they are cycling through their other methods giving their hair a break without feeling naked. Whichever your routine, you decide and have the freedom of wearing your clip ins as often as you will like in order to feel your most beautiful.
  • What does Bespoke Luxury mean for hair extensions?
    To begin, it is our quality. We only accept top tier hair for our product line. Many "premium" brand lines are sufficient for most, and even a lesser price point as they are direct from manufacture to consumer. Bespoke luxury is the attention to detail and the boutique touch to our product line, production, and experience you would expect from all things luxury.
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